Monday, February 17, 2014

Maternity/Nursing Tops That Don't Make Me Want to Fork My Own Forehead

If you don't already know how I feel about maternity clothes, try this:  take your lunch fork, point the tines toward your forehead, and give 'er six or so good jabs.  THAT'S how I feel every time I walk into a maternity store to go shopping.  It's all so spendy, frumpy, and goofy.  And don't even get me started on nursing shirts.  There aren't enough forks in the world.  But you have to wear something, and I'm reaching the point in my pregnancy where none of my non-maternity stuff is even kind of cutting it.  Ugh.

But recently, I ran across an Etsy shop that might have me changing my tune.  (Ooh, was that a fork pun?)  Modern Mummy Maternity has an amazing line of before-and-after maternity tops and dresses that adjust to fit/function as nursing wear after your pregnancy.  Here's the idea: 

Easy, right?  And no doofy flowers or floppy bows or ruffly bullshit in sight.  I love the MACY Shirt above, and here are a few more of my favorite styles, just for fun.
The MEL Shirt:

And the CARO Shirt:

I think I can put my fork down now.  :)

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  1. Yay, new posts! Love this site, i favoeited it! Blast, i cant fix my typo. Safe travels to you

    1. I know what to send you for a happy gift!