Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beach Bums

Last time I checked in, we were in West Virginia celebrating Lamb's second birthday with Tom's sister and her family.  Our moms requested some pics, so here they are:
I told you it was pretty chill!  We ate banana splits and opened presents relaxed by the fire.  Perfect.  From West Virginia, we headed to Virginia and spent some time exploring Floyd with our friends Mark and Kathryn.  They have horses, chickens, dogs, fish, and a cat... Lamb thought he was living at the zoo!  He loved it!  We did a little cooking, went swimming, split firewood, and went to a community dance downtown for some serious stomping.  Here is what our evenings looked like:
Good music, good food, good people.  It was wonderful. 
From Floyd, we headed to a friend's vacation house in North Carolina.  We spent a peaceful couple of days tucked back in the hills, just the three of us.  It was so peaceful, in fact, that we didn't even break out the camera, oops!   We watched a 007 marathon and Tom baked bread in our dutch oven.
Tom's dad flew out to spend a few days with us.  After we picked him up in Knoxville, we tried to outrun some nasty weather on our way to Florida.  It didn't work.  :)  We crashed in a couple of hotels on our way to Cape Canaveral, where we toured the Kennedy Space Center.  Wow.  Just, wow.  We could have spent days there and still wouldn't have seen everything.
Then: WE FINALLY FOUND SOME WARM WEATHER!!! WOOHOO!!!  We've been in Largo, Florida, for the last week soaking up as much sun as possible and eating waaaaaay too much shrimp.  Fried shimp, shrimp tacos, grilled shrimp... feels like a line from Forest Gump.  Here are a few shots from the beach:

We spent a day hiking around Honeymoon Island State Park, which was incredibly beautiful.  We saw dolphins and armadillos in one day!  We also chartered a fishing boat for the morning a few days ago.  The fishing itself was pretty pathetic, but we had beautiful weather and a full cooler; good enough for us.  We had a great time chatting on the boat with Captain Rob, or Crappin' Bob, as Lamb called him.  (We thought it was pretty funny.  I'm not sure Crappin' Bob knew what to think.)


Since we came to Largo, we have been staying in another furnished vacation home (our friends have been soooo generous to us).  Today we are headed south, into the Everglades and back into camper life.  I'm actually looking forward to camping; we will be in such warm weather and mostly on the coast... what a change from the 20F and windblown camping we've done so far!

We were shocked to realize this morning that Christmas is just a few days away.  It hardly feels like the holidays in the 75F ocean breeze, and without all our family and friends.  We miss you all!  If we don't talk before then, have a wonderful Christmas!  Send us pics of snow and Christmas trees and presents and cookies!!!

PS:  Just for fun, here's my favorite pic of Lamb at the beach.  I asked him to smile for the camera, and this is what I got.  :)



  1. Good to get an update! Sounds like youre having fun- miss you!!!

  2. Looks like you are having a great time. Love, love, love the pics!