Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Shopping for a New Mom

Christmas Shopping for a New Mom

S asked me recently what was on my Christmas wish list... and I stared at her like an idiot.  I hadn't thought about it at all!  So I've rounded up a few things that would make my socks go up and down, and might be right for the new mom on your list.
  1. You know how I feel about TOMS
  2. A movie that she missed or TV series she didn't have time to watch.  For me, Girls.
  3. Lovely PJs that say, "You're still a woman, but there's no pressure to get dressed."  (Will someone say that to me, please?)
  4. A pretty coffee mug to perk up her morning.  How did moms mom before coffee?
  5. Sparkly studs go with anything and won't get yanked out.
  6. An interesting new book for a naptime escape.  I'm ready for the new ones from Barbara and Louise, but have you read this one?  Wow.
  7. A gift certificate for a new experience.  If she's ready for a break from Baby: a massage, a pass to a yoga studio or a fun lesson, etc, and an offer to watch the babe.  If she's not ready to leave her little one (no pressure, it's tough!), then a chance for an outing together:  a museum pass, a gift certificate to a local market, or credit at a coffee house near home. 
I'm thinking 2+3+4 sounds like amazing Saturday morning.  What's are you pining for this year?
PS:  Did you know Etsy now offers gift cards?  Dude!

PPS:  Here's my PSA on behalf of new moms everywhere: DO NOT buy baby stuff for a new mom as a Christmas gift. It's like saying "You're not a real person anymore. You're just a keeper for this awesome new baby!  Here ya go!" If that's not a punch in the kneecaps, I don't know what is.


  1. I heart numbers 1, 3, and 4. I could drink coffee while wearing non-frumpy yet shockingly comfortable clothes. Perfect. :)

    1. If I can drink this much coffee out of a beat up mug whilst wearing yoga pants and a flannel, image how much BETTER I could drink coffee from THAT mug whilst wearing THOSE sexy jams! I can hardly imagine. :)